School of Sciences


Byimana School of  Sciences, located in central Rwanda, is a secondary school, Forms 1 through 6, (grades 7 through 12) emphasizing the sciences. The 830 students live in dormitories at the school during the ten-month school year. The school is administered by the of  Marist Brothers’ Central African Province. 

It was founded for men in 1952 and opened its enrollment to women in 1983. It was the first secondary school to provide a path for women into professional and leadership positions in the sciences. About one-third of the current students are girls. Many of our students come from poor, rural areas.

The students at Byimana compete for admission via the Rwandan national examination system. The test is open to all regardless of gender, economic status or other circumstances. Byimana’s  reputation and high standards enable it to attract students who score very high on the national exam. The rigor of Byimana’s education enabled 85% of our graduates last year to earn scholarships to the University of Rwanda or to the four state run colleges in the country. Some students have even won the coveted Rwandan Presidential Scholarship and are studying in the United States.

Click here for a 3 minute video which profiles the school and Rwanda.